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Ans.1. The term Consortia has been defined as "a cooperative arrangement among group or institutions". A library consortium provides a way for its member to conduct business in a competitive manner. The basic premise of consortia is that its members can collectively achieve more than what they can achieve as individual institutions.

Ans.2. MHRD has set up the Headquarters of the Consortium at IIT Delhi. Subscription to electronic resources to selected MHRD supported institutions (IISc, IITs, NITs and a few other institutions) is paid directly by the INDEST Headquarters from the funds made available by the MHRD. The Consortium headquarters functions under a National Steering Committee for inter-institutional coordination and for taking decisions on policy issues under the overall policy directions of the Government of India.

Ans.3.  You may subscribe to a number of electronic resources including full-text and bibliographic databases through the INDEST-AICTE Consortium. Visit Consortium website ( for a complete list and description of resources.

Ans.4. Membership to the INDEST-AICTE Consortium is open to any private / Government-funded engineering / technological / educational institution / University for one or more electronic resources. The new members are required to sign an agreement with the Consortium as well as with the publishers of electronic resources that they wish to subscribe. The consortium charges an annual membership fee of Rs. 2,000.00 (Rs. Two thousand only).

Ans.5. The Consortium offers the best possible price advantage ranging from 22% to 95% (Average > 80% +) through its pricing agreements with publishers as well as better terms of agreement for various electronic resources. Moreover, the Consortium also provides technical help and arrange for in-house training for optimal usage of resources subscribed. It will also be an endeavour of the Consortium to identify other electronic resources of relevance to educational institutions, and enable their access at best possible subscription prices and license terms. The Consortium will constantly be monitoring international developments in this area and liaise with agencies like ICOLC to bring the best possible consortium-based solutions to its members.

Ans.6. Please identify resources that you wish to subscribe through the Consortium and request for a proforma Invoice for the selected resources. Please send your "request for invoice" to the National Coordinator, INDEST-AICTE Consortium.

Ans.7. All resources subscribed through the consortium are accessible through the publisher’s website. If your institution have static IP address(es), your IP addresses can be configured to access these resources, otherwise, the publisher would allocate Login ID and password to you for accessing these resources. Some resources, like ACM Digital Library and MathSciNet can only be accessed through static IPs. Local hosting of resources has only been considered for a few resources. Visit INDEST website for a complete list and description of resources along with their URLs.Need to know about IPs ?

Ans.8. Subscription period is generally for a year. It is required to be renewed every year. Institutions can check details of resources subscribed by them along with the subscription period from the INDEST Web site. On the INDEST Web site, Click at "Members", search for your institution and click at "View e-resources". You will find a list of your subscribed e-resources and period of subscription along with month of commencement of access. Moreover, before the expiry period of subscription, the Consortium raises renewal invoice for the subscribed e-resources.

Ans.9. No.

Ans.10. The MHRD has provided funds for only those institutions that are directly funded by it. Currently 65 centrally-funded technological institutions are being supported by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and 60 Govt. / Govt. – aided engineering colleges are getting access to selected electronic resources with financial support from the AICTE.

Ans.11. Yes, you can subscribe to a resource for part of a year. Most publishers accept payment for subscription on prorata basis, i.e., you pay for a resource for remaining period of the year. In the subsequent years, however, you are expected to renew your subscription for the entire year.

Ans.12. The INDEST-AICTE Consortium has negotiated rates for subscription for selected resources only. We do not deal with individual journal titles.

Ans.13. IP-based access enables access to subscribed e-resources to all users on their Campus network. As such a user does not require Login ID and Password to access resources available to his / her institution. If you have static IPs, it would be to your advantage that you convert your access from password-based access to IP-based access. While, passwords can be communicated by students and other users to unauthorized users resulting in misuse, IP-based access can not be misused. Most publishers prefer offering their resources on IPs. Need to know about IPs ?

Ans.14. Type URL: in the address bar in your browser. The site would return IP used for accessing this site. It will not reflect the complete range of IPs that you have but will indicate whether IPs being communicated are correct or not. The static IPs are assigned by your Internet Service Provider. They would be able to verify the exact range of IPs assigned to your institution. Need to know about IPs ?

Ans.15. The e-RAMS is an interface available on the INDEST Web site. It is designed to submit online complaints regarding accessibility of e-resource(s) and their monitoring. This interface also allows you to check the current and past usages statistics.

Ans.16. The INDEST has negotiated with most of the publishers to provide backup data in case of discontinuation of subscription. However, the Consortium should have paid subscription on behalf of members for atleast five years to get this benefit free of cost.

Ans.17. Click at "Search", either search or browse for the journal you are looking for.

Ans.18. There are no limit on number of downloads for any resources. However, you are not allowed to systematically and excessively download from any resource.

Ans.19. Click at "Download" on the INDEST website, list of journals for all full-text e-resources offered through the Consortium is available in the zipped XLS format.

Ans.20. If there are any modifications in the contact details, please communicate the updated details to the National Coordinator. Email is the easier and quicker source of exchanging information. Please provide corrected email ID that you use frequently.

Ans.21. Yes, you can pay your subscription to IEL Online for multiple users. It is available at the following three levels: IEL Online Level III: Single User; You can pay for two / three / four users. IEL Online Level II: Five Simultaneous Users. IEL Online Level I: Fifteen Simultaneous Users Subscribers at level I and II are entitled for getting discounted prices for ASPP package of IEEE. Besides, the users of Level I and II are also entitled for IEL Data on termination of subscription provided that they have subscribed to IEL Online atleast for three years.

Ans.22. Your access to e-resource has been suspended by the publisher due to excessive and systematic download of articles by your users. You are advised to do the followings: Please send a mail to the concerned publisher with a request to start access assuring the publishers that you are taking corrective measures to check excessive and systematic downloading of contents. Also copy the mail to the consortium. Please generate awareness amongst users about copyright and licensing of e-resources accessible at your Institution. The INDEST Web site provides details on License Agreements and Fair Use.

Ans.23. Please read "Expectations from the Member Institutions" in the brochure entitled "Brochure for Core Members of INDEST-AICTE Consortium"."Expectations from the Member Institutions" in the brochure entitled "Institutions Beneficiary of INDEST-AICTE Consortium". You can also download a PDF version from this site.

Ans.24. Some publishers insist on continuation of print subscriptions. Such publishers include: Elsevier Science, Springer and Emerald. You may however, drop your print subscription in other cases like IEEE, IEE, ACM, AMS (MathSciNet), Chemical Abstracts, etc. Please read "Expectations from the Member Institutions" in the brochure entitled "Brochure for Core Members of INDEST-AICTE Consortium"."Expectations from the Member Institutions" in the brochure entitled "Institutions Beneficiary of INDEST-AICTE Consortium". You can also download a PDF version from this site.

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