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Download List of Journals including Title, URLs and Coverage (Begin-End Year)
( Publisher name followed by no. of journals and category of entitled institutions.)

  • ABI / INFORM Complete , No. of Titles: 7533, Accessible to: IITs, IISc, IIMs, NITIE, IIITM and Self Supported
  •  AIP Journals, No. of Titles: 16, Accessible to: IITs. IISc, New IITs, IISERs
  •  APS Journals, No. of Titles: 12, Accessible to: IITs, IISc, New IITs, IISERs
  • ACM Digital Library, No. of Titles: 44, Accessible to: IITs. IISc, NITs, IIMs, NITIE, IIIT and Self Supported
  • ASCE Journals, No. of Titles: 34, Accessible to: IITs,IISc, NITs, ISM, SLIET, NERIST, AICTE Supported Institutions and Self Supported
  • ASME (+AMR) Journals, No. of Titles: 26, Accessible to: IITs, IISc, NITs SLIET, ISM, NERIST, AICTE Supported Institutions (36) and Self Supported
  •  CRISIL Research,  No. of Titles: 48,  Accessible to: IIMs, New IIMs
  • EBSCO Business Sources Complete, No. of Titles: 5192, Accessible to: IITs and IISc. (Except IIT Guwahati) and IIMs
  • Emerald Management Xtra, No. of Titles: 150, Accessible to: IITs (Except IIT Guwahati), IISc , IIMs and Self Supported
  • Elsevier's Science Direct: Complete List, No. of Titles: 2263, Accessible to: All IITs and IISc
  • Elsevier's Science Direct Option I, No. of Titles: 304, Accessible to: NITs and Self Supported
  • IEEE/IEE (IEL) Conference & Proceedings, No. of Titles: 8695, Accessible to: All Members in Core Categories
  • IEEE/IEE (IEL) Journals, No. of Titles: 478, Accessible to: All Members in Core Categories
  • IEEE/IEE (IEL) Standards, No. of Titles : 1806, Accessible to: All Members in Core Categories
  • ProQuest Science (ASTP), No. of Titles: 1597, Accessible to: Self Supported Institutions
  • Optical Society of America (Optics Infobase), No. of Titles: 17, Accessible to: Group: I , III (self supported)
  • Springer's Link, No. of Titles: 1758, Accessible to: IITs and IISc
  • Springer's Link, No. of Titles: 1481, Accessible to: NITs, ISM, SLIET, NERIST, NIFFT and IIITs
  • ASTM Journals, No. of Titles: 6, Accessible to: Selected IITs, NITs and Others
Download List of Back Files
  • Science Direct, No. of Titles: 400 with 6 Subject Categories, Accessible to: All IITs & IIsc
  • Springer's Link - OJA, No. of Titles: 809, Accessible to: All IITs & IIsc

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